Important note: Gore extensions must be purchased when ordering 2:1 Elliptical tank heads that will be installed over 4" of insulation or more. The increased thickness of the insulation may push the tank head gores outward and upward creating a gap between the tank head gores and the side panels. The gore extensions are used to fill the gaps and complete the transition between them.
When determining the correct number of gore extensions to purchase, please note that the appropriate number will usually match the number of gores used to cover the tank head.
Please contact customer service for any additional information.

ellip, f&d, flanged & dished, tank head


Based on O.D. pipe insulation conforming to ASTM STD C-585-76 combination short & long radius fitting covers in compliance with ASTM standards.

The above are combination sizes that fit short and long radius screwed and welded elbows, long radius weld ells, and screwed and welded tees. Fitting sizes highlighted in blue will not fit most long radius 90 degree elbows properly; order fitting covers for these long radius 90 degree sizes by specific pipe size and insulation thickness. The above combination sizes will fit all 45 degree elbows. To find exact number fitting required for your max O.D., go to chart in the main catalog and choose fitting number in column next to Max Fitting O.D. column.

O.D. Sizing Chart

Please contact factory for information: (800) 875-7768.

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