How We Started

Chris Botsolas and his wife, Carol, founded Proto Corporation in 1980. Before he developed PVC fitting covers, Chris worked as a mechanical engineer, insulation contractor and distributor. As a pioneer of the industry, Chris also designed and custom-built much of the original machinery used in the vacuum-forming process of PVC fitting covers. In addition to machine design, Chris held over 50 U.S. patents relating to the formulation and design of thermoplastic systems.

In 1984, Chris developed the first Indoor/Outdoor LoSMOKE® 25/50 ASTM E-84 rated white PVC product. Then in 1988, Chris revolutionized jacketing systems and developed EXOD 225®, a proprietary CPVC product used in high temperature applications. Later in 1995, Chris further expanded his manufacturing capacity to our current facility. In 2002, Chris’ son, CJ Botsolas, Jr. purchased Proto Corporation and he continues to run daily operations.