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Standard Fitting Covers

Proto fitting covers included here are short and long radius 90s, standard 45s, and tees. These come in one-piece or two-piece (H) elbows and can be ordered with or without fiberglass inserts. Carved 90s (C-Series) and standard and round end caps can also be found in this category.

Flanged/Reducer Fitting Covers

Reducer and flanged-type 90s, 45s and Tees, are very popular fittings used where flanges or reductions take place. They are always two-piece fittings. Among the parts in this category are concentric cone reducers (CCR) which are used for straight-line reduction, and reducer end caps which can be used for flanged pipe reduction, as well as mechanical grooved reduction.

Mechanical Grooved Fitting Covers

This category is comprised of "V", "G", and “Low Profile” series Victaulic & Gruvlok fitting covers. The "V" series feature innovative step reducer ends that can be custom-fitted at the job site, saving time and money. The "G" series features tapered reducer ends for ease of installation in tight spaces. Our “Low Profile” series provide an even more advanced design to fit in the smallest of spaces and configurations. Also found in this category are the "AGS" Advanced Grooved System featuring the new two-bolt system. A wide variety of fitting covers are available for most standard mechanical grooved pipes.

Specialty Fitting Covers

Specialty fittings cover a wide range of products from P-traps and strainer covers, to flange gate valves and tank head covers. All are designed to help the installers save time. Proto's latest offering is extended-leg fitting covers that are the ideal, low-cost solution for use on pre-insulated piping systems eliminating the need for a "jumper" or metal bands.

Bare Pipe Covers

Designed to fit copper and iron pipe (including screwed fittings) without insulation, these fittings are available in both short and long radius 90s, 45s, and tees. Bare pipe rod covers are also offered and can be found in this section. (Not available in Heavy Duty or EXOD®)

Jacketing/Cut & Curl

Proto jacketing can be used indoors or outdoors. It stays white, with exceptional outdoor weathering. It is the choice for food and drug plants and the petrochemical industry. It can be welded shut for use in food plants. It can be ordered in thicknesses from .010 mil. to .040 mil. and in 35 1/2" or 48" lengths (depending on mil thickness and type of material). Flat sheet and pre-curled lengths (with or without tape) are also available.


To help with the installation process, Proto offers an assortment of adhesives, such as PVC liquid adhesive and ProtoOne caulk, applicators, vinyl tape, and white and stainless steel tacks.